Saturday, January 31, 2009


A wonderful solution to escape the traffic problem of Kolkata.. teach people magic so that they can travel on brooms and whiz by the honking cars!! I am not day dreaming -- this might soon be a reality.. with P.C Sorcar (Jr) and his daughter planning to open a school for magic in Kolkata.

For as long as I can recollect, I've wanted to learn magic... I've always been fascinated by David Blaine, Houddini and the likes. As a kid I believed that magic was for real. But as i grew up... I realised that most of the tricks were mere illusions are sleight of hand. I've done extensive research on the net on card tricks etc, and it has made me respect magicians even more 'coz if they had some special power with the help of which they performed the tricks it was ok... but these tricks actually involve a lot of practice and hard work. These people are ordinary people who work very hard and who have mastered every trick in the book.

For ages if somebody wanted to learn magic, he had to do it all by himself. This is a very good initiative to pass on centuries old wisdom. The employment opportunities for good magicians is endless too... from having their own TV shows, to performing in private parties, to opening another school :) Magic is magic... it has a charm like nothing else and is sure to attract a lot of people.

Indrajaal, the ancestral house of the Sorcaars will be used as a university to offer two year and five year courses. The university will be equipped with lighting and special effect facilities which are said to be the backbone of magic. Sorcaar has not yet decided whether he would be seeking any assisstance from the Govt, but has assured the public that his plans would definitely be a reality by July of this year.

So would you enroll yourself here or not? I sure dont mind...

And anyway.. after the Satyam fiasco, lotsa people are saying that MBAs = Masters of Trickery so I might as well...

So lets get started... "Sir, how did you make the Taj Mahal vanish?"...

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