Monday, August 31, 2009

Who said Life is boring?

Of late, I've been leading a robotic life..
Wake up - 8 am
Get out of house - 9.30 am
Reach office - 9.32 am
Check orkut - 9.40 am
Pretend to be busy - 10am- 5pm
Stare at the watch - 5.10 pm
Wonder if the watch broke down - 5.20 pm
Get out of office - 5.30 pm

Even though it seems to be pretty boring.. believe me.. my office is anything but boring!! Theres a lot to learn here..

Lesson No. 1 -- Never kill a snake

Oh yes.. Never kill one. Our office had two resident snakes.. and almost everyday we had to evacuate the building till they could catch the snakes and declare the building safe. Then one day.. the unthinkable happened-- a young, inexperienced, hot tempered man, killed it. He held the dead body up, like a trophy.. while the others covered their mouths in horror. A peon suddenly shouted out.. " Office ko shraap lage ga.. saanp mara inhonnein".

My mom had told me stories, that if u kill a snake, its relatives come to take revenge. I had visions of the whole office being filled with snakes.. " The Snake Returns II".. But something worse happened..

The transformer konked off.. and the office was left in darkness ( and sweat ) for three days. Silent whispers were heard "Maine bola tha, saanp ko nai maaro".. but whatever said and done.. the snake had taken its revenge.. and how :)

Lesson No. 2- Don't have more than two GFs ( or BFs) at the same time
My colleague is an interesting personality. He is celebrating his silver jubilee with GFs but still hasnt found THE one!! The latest find is through 93.5 Red FM.. and he seemed to be very excited 'coz he got free movie passes too.. but the excitement lasted only till he met her in person. Rumour has it that more girls stared at him while he was with the girl than they normally do -- coz they couldn't for the life of them imagine what kind of a boy would go out with such a girl (!) But things got worse..

His earlier GF called up.. trying to "test" him.. pretending to be a third person and asked him whether he had a GF.. and he messed up.. taking the name of the FM girl.. What happened next.. can be only imagined :)

He now wants to sue 93.5 FM although he isn't quite sure for what :D
Oh well, theres a reason why we believe in monogamy :D

Lesson No. 3- If you havnt seen Paris, it doesnt exist!!
Okay, now this is a weird one. All my life I've been surrounded by intellectual people.. so much so that I came to believe that dumb people don't exist. But my illusion was broken.. and how. While calling clients, we tend to exclude companies who arn't in India ( basically coz we don't have ISD facility on the phone). On one particular day, this same enlightened colleague of mine.. refused to call up a company in "Daman & Diu" because, apparently it isn't in India!! When I told him that it was very much in India.. he said " I've never seen or heard about it"!!

I hate routine.. but when I get to witness such events on a routine basis.. I dont mind "Routine".


  1. :D haha! good to read you back again.. and u gave me a good laugh in my close-t-bedridden state!!
    Keep Writing :) :)

  2. :D:D awesome!! Goodness, its been ages since I've read any blogs! your posts and ani chechi's pics are so rejuvinating! :) life's good :) thanks for writing... love ya! Keep it going... for my sake, if nuthing else.. :P

  3. The last line said it all! When you get sick of your routine, just start observing things around you a little more. There ll be a lot of "WTF" moments in between