Monday, December 28, 2009

A citizen speaks

Crime No I - Ex DGP, SPS Rathore molests a 14 year old girl, harasses her family, throws her out of school, leads her to commit suicide, impedes the judicial process for 19 years.

The Penalty - A fine of Rs 1000 and 6 months imprisonment ( RI, if that makes it any better !!)

Crime No. II - Habib Hussain pays Rs 2 Lakhs to a dubious agent who promises him a job in UAE, he goes abroad only to find there are no jobs, he works as a cleaner for an airline company who impounds his passport, Working for 13 hours a day and getting paid peanuts, he hides in the toilet of the aircraft and comes back to India. ( The crime here is that, he didn't buy a ticket, and of course he left his passport back there !!)

Penalty - He could face up to 5 years in jail. (Under the Passport (Entry to India) Act)

As an Indian citizen I have tremendous faith in our judicial system but it starts weakening when criminals come out of the court with a smile on their face because of the sheer power of money and their clout. SPS Rathore was smiling as though mocking us and saying, " Ha, You have faith in THIS system?? The one which has let a molestor go scot free? " I felt ashamed at seeing him smile... ashamed that the Indian Judicial system had failed to deliver justice, yet again. He has been fined Rs 1000.. Is this the punishment for playing with a young girls psyche and forcing her to commit suicide?? Can any amount of fine compensate for the trauma that Ruchika and her family have gone through?? Is it safe for your sisters and daughters to have maniacs like him still out in the open??

Sometimes, staying quiet is a crime by itself and SPS Rathore we, the people of India have stayed quiet long enough. Not anymore... So get ready to pay for your sins. When Mr Habib Hussain faces 5 years in jail... there is no way that you should get away with anything less than life imprisonment.
We, the citizens of India, demand justice... not the kinds which will make a mockery of the system, set the accused free and punish the victim instead... If we want to advance as a nation, we must first ensure that our country is not a safe haven for criminals and politicians. We must ensure that there are no more cases like Ruchika or Jessica Lal. I still have faith in our system... Do You?


  1. What to say of the school that threw the poor girl out?

    This is one instance where I got to see the usefulness of 24/7 news channels. This collective media attention that is going to bring SPS to justice.

    Nicely done and hope to read more of ur scribbles in the coming year :)

  2. I totally agree... a school is a place where a child should feel safe.. and you'd be glad to know that a PIL has been filed against Sacred Heart School today :)