Saturday, March 28, 2009

For the politicians, Youth and YOU

Politics is a dirty place… and as a rule I stay miles away from it [ I believe that even reading about it might corrupt me :-) ]… but when politicians start (mis) using their power to play on the common man’s emotions and jeopardize the harmony of our country… I guess its time we – the youth of India, stand up, take notice and raise our voice!

The Nehru - Gandhi family treat the political arena as though its a family matter... but not even this can justify the nasty 'Hate speech' delivered by Varun Gandhi at Pilibhit recently. It is indeed strange that Mrs Maneka Gandhi, instead of apologizing, chose to hit out at the Congress for their Anti-Sikh Acts. And this blame game never stops -- Congress hits back with 'Godhra Riots', Ayodhya issue and Blah and Blah!!

I am ashamed that 'We' have elected such insensible 'kids' to represent us. I call them kids, because it is very kiddish of them to squabble over what happened in 1984, or 2002... and forget the present or even the future!! It is no wonder too, that they choose to fight only over religious issues... 'coz these would generate the maximum interest amongst the people and thus get them the maximum votes!

But what they forget is that this is not '47 or '84 or even '02. India has learnt its lessons --- the hard way. There is no place for religious fanatics in India now... no place for people who want to divide us. Pramod Muthalik being bombarded with ‘Pink Chaddis’ and then arrested and Shri Ram Sena being banned provides proof of this fact.

My family has suffered first hand due to communalism – both in ’47 and ’84. In 1947, my grandparents were forced to leave behind everything… their homeland (Rawalpindi) and flee – just because some people (Read Nehru and Jinnah) felt that India would be better off if Hindus and Muslims lived separately!! My grandparents consoled themselves by saying that they would be safer in ‘India’… or so they thought, till that fateful day in 1984 when thousands of Sikhs were massacred in their own country… Their only crime being that they were Sikhs!! That was a Black Day not only for the Sikhs but also for all of India… For Sikhs, it was 1947 revisited… the horrors and insecurities came rushing back. What made it worse, was that this time they were being treated as second citizens in their own country.

But… we have moved on. And so have scores of other people. What is important for us now, is the present and our future. What is important, is that there should not be another 1947 or ’84. What is important, is that no more innocent lives should be lost due to religious fanaticism. No more religious places should be demolished in the name of ‘God’. Its high time we all realise that God would never want to see his children fighting – and least of all over religion!!

The world would indeed be a better place if we all performed our duties to the best of our abilities – if the politicians focussed on governance and economic issues, rather than religious ones, if the police force made sure that criminals were punished and innocent people were protected. Let us pledge to work towards a peaceful and harmonious India, and ensure that India does not fall prey to communalism and remains Secular, now and forever. Amen.


  1. i thank the lord above, if he's there, to have created ppl like you. People with sense. People with a vision... for a safer and better place to live in.

    If atleast a tenth of Indians thought the way you do, we'd be far ahead of time! Way to go, amar!

    Usually, I check out blogs for their creative writing and language only... but ur's provides ample food for thought too. As usual, great wriring! :)

    Jai Hind!

  2. we young indians are to be blamed! how many of us vote? do we have a right to crib?

    we say that no one is a right candidate, whom we should vote for- but should be aware of so many provisions our Constitution. how many of us know that there is a
    Section 49 (0) of the Constitution, which gives us the freedom to go to ballot booth and "Vote For No One", that is we can go and publicly vote for no one, those votes would be counted against both the candidates.
    I myself do not vote- as Cauvery once told me it was because of registration process and hassles, but cant we undergo a little hassle for our Country's sake! I promise myself to go and get a Voter's ID as soon as i get out of ASb..

    Cheers to Amar for bringing up the issue- it seems she also has a political soul.

  3. @ Cauvery

    @ Mamta

    Yes, It is true and sad that most of us do not vote (in fact do not even possess voter ID cards)...
    And it all depends upon the youth (You and me) to draw up a vision for our country, stand up for our rights and thereby make our country a better place to live in.

    Jai Hind!!

  4. I donn vote, Mr. Clean fingers...
    yet love to know it all about the great Indian circus called ELections..
    its a slugfest of sm v low IQ ppl.. n the less said the better abt dem..

  5. Not only did i not give my vote this time (not proud of this fact but compelled by the same old politicians),but I've chosen NOT to read newspapers these days.Why? Becoz the papers have no other news except Political rumours in India n US. What right does the US ambassador have in suggesting Indians as to which leader should stand for what party..? Simply Ridiculous.

    Thanks Amar, for this piece of writing..
    Be Indian n Act like an Indian.