Sunday, May 31, 2009

No pain.. No gain :)

All of us have fears.. be it the creepy crawlies, or heights.. With time we learn to live a normal life with them, carefully shoving them to a dark corner of our lives :)

But what if one of your biggest dreams involves facing your biggest fear?

For as long as I can remember, I have dreamt of being able to drive a car :) Ferraris and Mercedes :) The only problem being (apart from the fact that I didn own a Ferrari or a Marcedes :P) that I was scared -- scared of banging the car, hitting somebody else, or worse... killing someone (or myself !).

Somebody once told me, "Just as you are scared for your life, everybody else is too!! So concentrate on your car... everybody else would take care of themselves!!"

I have to agree... this did make sense :D

In a city like Chandigarh, if u cant drive.. u feel handicapped.. because the public transport is not as good as, say Delhi or Kolkata (!?!)... U just have to have a vehicle of your own.. whether a scooty or a car.

So then.. as the saying goes.. 'Neccessity is mother of all invention' :)

It is time to face my biggest fear... and at the same time fulfil my lifelong dream :)

Today was my first day behind the wheel... and I do not have the words to describe it... liberating, exhilarating, it was just wow !!!

It gives u as sense of independence.. and also a major high.. haha :D
Am I glad I chose to face my fear rather than run away from it :)
N N N N NA.. I'm Loving It :D


  1. hey..! nice post! :) nice to see you blog active again! :) Inspires me to learn driving too... :) my long term goal :P

    keep blogging :) oh, btw.. i like arbit topics like these.. jsut out of the blue.. :) good one..! :)

  2. I'm so glad i can share with u the same thrill.. :) of experiencing the behind the wheels scene :)
    Let's drive on.. :)