Monday, June 1, 2009


If there is anything that Indians value more than an IIT or an IIM degree, it is being 'Foreign returned' :)

For ages, anything and everything 'Videsh' has seemed lucrative and 'swadesh' looked down upon! It is a matter of great pride and honour for a middle class family to be able to send their children abroad (In fact, I too feel immensely proud of the fact that my sister is in USA).
But the recent racist attacks in Australia raise a number of questions.. especially 'What is being done to protect the minorities?' The situation has gone beyond asking 'Why are these attacks taking place?'

Yes, agreed that it is a well known fact that racism is rampant in Australia but does this give anybody the right to indulge in racism?
Should not the government and police forces be more alert?
Is merely asking the PM to apologize, enough?
We have had an reknowned Indian actor declining to accept an honor from an Australian University... is this going to help? Are the people who are indulging in these hate crimes bothered about this actor or the university or his decision to decline the offer?

It is time to bring in CHANGE. Time to educate the children and the youth, that hate benefits none.
India is the 6th largest importer of goods from Australia, contributing a masive A$ 9.28 billion to their economy in the year 2007 . (Source: Website of the Consulate General of India, Sydney,

Are people not aware of these figures or do they choose to ignore them? It certainly will not do Australians any good if Indians stop doing business with them... probably this is what they have to be made to realise and understand. Only then would they appreciate the so called 'minorities' :)

Till then, we Indians should beware of the lucrative foreign shores... and make sure that we don't fall 'victims' to the glint of being 'Foreign Returned' :)


  1. somehow, i thought your first line was taking a dig at me... :P

    and then, obviously, i realised... it was not! :P :)

    Like i've always maintained, your blog not only makes for good reading but is also thought provoking! :) good post. India could do with a few more Indians like you! :)

    on a lighter note, however, i'm not sure how many of teh "aam junta" would visit to know about the figures! :P

  2. hehehe cau i felt it too....

    Amar i think what matters is how we treat ourselves, if we respect our own being we can definitely get it... u must have seen that social marketing ad by Amir Khan- do we give them respect?
    and then there is the fact that concept of Brain Drain is now Brain Gain and as far as racism is concerned yes its a sad event but shouldn't we give Australian Govt. a chance to delve deeper into the situation and take action.

    but i DO have to agree to Cau- you write fantastically and beautifully...
    Love you

  3. @ Cau

    Its always 'interesting' reading ur comments :) Most of the times, more interesting than my post :D

    @ Mamta

    Heylo :) ek sach bataun... i was trying to take a dig at Cau too :P Bahot ucchal rahi hai aajkal :)