Thursday, June 4, 2009

Paint My World :)

There are times when you want to fill colours into your boring life, but dont know how. There are times when you want to escape from the concrete jungle, from the hustle bustle of life, to a more calm and serene place but are short of vacations :(
And then there are times when you feel as though all the people on earth are out to get you :) And that nobody understands u... and u just want to talk, express urself... but dont know to whom :)
Well, surprisingly all these situations have the same solution (And this is NOT an advertisment for one of those stupid things on Tele shopping Network, although it may sound like that :D )
The solution to all these things, for me (I guess it varies person to person), is to pick up a brush and paint. Paint the place I'd like to be in... paint what I want to express... see the colours mixing freely... as though they are so happy to meet each other after being locked in the tubes for so long :D

Painting, for me is therapeutic... and I am thankful to my mother to have introduced me to the world of colours. She always inspired me, and praised even the lousiest of my paintings (still does :P). I must be one of the rare souls to own a Grumbacher Brush set :) and even artist grade water colours :)
Anyway.. So today, like everybody else, I too was getting crazy due to the heat (and due to the construction in the house :))... and I just wanted to run away... where?? Where ever my brushes and paint would take me :)

For today, I choose to be by the side of a lake... peaceful, calm, serene, cool :)

The world is my canvas and I shall paint it :D

Happy Painting to all fellow painters too :)

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