Saturday, October 9, 2010

Facebook Display of Affection

This post is inspired by some very interesting FDA activity. Not aware of what FDA is? Well u better become acquainted with it fast.. it is going to invade your minds and computers soon.

The full form is - Facebook Display of Affection and believe me it can be much worse than PDA sometimes since there is a lot left to imagination! Don't get me wrong, I love Facebook.. and I love the fact that I can connect with long lost friends (and family too :P). I enjoy seeing photos and the status updates.. even if they may be as stupid as "Going to sleep"!?!

However, I think there is a limit to how much I want to know (or is there!). Is there some virtual ettiquette book that I am not aware of? How is one supposed to react when u see two "lovers" coochie-cooing on each others walls? And seriously, why are they doing it on your wall?!? And is it just me who is laughing? Do you really think the world is interested in knowing that u are in a "complicated relationship" and why?

A recent FDA example, "I love you my hubby, U are my everything."If this came from a married couple, I would have probably overlooked it but pls note that this couple is not yet married and not even engaged!

Secondly, even if they were married, they should be declaring their love to each other instead of announcing it on the world wide web! Btw, if they are loyal fans of FB and just have to communicate via FB.. I just want to let them know that FB has a "message" option.. and it is meant to be used!

I once indirectly told this person to abstain from FDA. Needless to say, not only did I fail miserably but I was also accused of being "Jealous"!?! Umm.. jealous I dunno.. but I am incredibly thankful to this person for providing me with a reason to laugh this evening and curing my year long writers block!

Do you people have any interesting FDA instances to share? What are your views? Lemme know..

PS: A big thank you to the loyal followers of my blog who have been pestering me to update. Thank you for your patience :)


  1. aaah! patience has never been rewarded better!! :)

    Thank you imp for the food for my brain :) it's been rotting for a while.. :P

    oh i dunno any FDA instances yet.. :) But will surely come back and tell u once i spot any!

    And yes, i agree with you.. FDA sux. But it has its advantages- its makes u and me laugh! :D

    do write some more. luv ya!

  2. right you are...
    btw... i dont know u had a blog... nice stuff di..:D

  3. @ Cau.. Ur ever observant friend is always there to help u spot instances of FDA :) :)

    @ Shiv.. Thanks :) Also thanks to u my blog counter now shows a visitor from "Coquitlam, British Columbia".. so thank u Videshi log :)