Sunday, December 18, 2011

When Parents Text - Review

Author - Sophia Fraioli and Lauren Kaelin
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Have you ever read a book that makes you laugh so hard that you end up crying? "When Parents Text: So much said, So little Understood" is one such hilarious, addictive and side splitting read.

Aimed at people like us, the recent graduates who are well conversant with technology and whose parents have learnt messaging, facebook, internet etc in a bid to keep in touch with us (or maybe keep tabs on us?!), the book is a collection of funny and awkward text messages exchanged between parents and their kids.

A few excerpts from the book:
Grandmom: Do I need to switch on the computer to be able to skype?
Me: ...


Mom: dig up some tadpoles on ur way homo.
Me: ummm, what?
Mom: It autocorrected me. I mean to say dig up some tadpoles on ur way homo.
(4 minutes later)

Apart from being crazily funny and spookily true, what I really like about the book is that you don't have to read all of it at one go and can enjoy it over a long period of time. It acts as a immediate mood enhancer when you are feeling low. So keep it by your bedside, and enjoy. Gift it to your parents and see them laugh and roll over, all while feeling proud that they aren't the only ones who have sent silly messages and made technological faux pas'.
And if you want to read more such funny messages, go to their website

PS: For people who are not exactly "message savvy", like me.. there is a "emoticon glossary", so that we can save ourselves from further embarrassments :P


  1. Love it! :) And what a day! Two of my favorite bloggers have taken to blogging after a long break :) :) Me tries to buy this book soon :) How did you chance upon it?

  2. Saw it aise hi, while browsing :)