Monday, March 26, 2012

A Summer Secret.. SShhhh

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Summer is not my favourite season, by any stretch of imagination. But like any season, it has its high times and "Secrets" :) Some secrets should remain secrets, with only the wind, sun and rain as witnesses. But others, bring back fond memories, urging you to share the happiness.

I was in class II at the time (summer of 1992) and my elder sister was in Class VII, of the same school. Although we studied in the same school, we never met during school hours. Being a puny class II kid, I was fascinated by all these senior "didis" around me. I wanted to know where their class was, where they ate their tiffin, and maybe you know they didn't have any teachers! So one day, I followed one of my sisters friends and sneaked up to where they were having their lunch. And lo and behold, what do I see.. the forbidden sin. My sister was having an orange ice cream! Ice creams were prohibited for us, given our propensity to fall sick at the drop of a hat.

I still remember the shock on my sisters face when she saw me standing there. I had caught her red-handed, and the tattletale that I was, she knew she was in for trouble. I was seething with anger. How dare she have an ice cream without me? I am never going to share any chocolate, coke, chips with her. I won't even give her the window seat in the car! And then, came the worst shock. One of her friends said, "Whats the big deal? You eat one everyday na?". OMG. Really?

My sister thought fast on her feet. "I'll buy you as many ice creams as you want. But don't tell mom". What? She was trying to bribe me? Huh. But, a seven year old, craving icecream, will do anything for it! And so, after school, while we waited for car pool.. didi bought me an orange ice cream (she also had another one!!). And it became our little secret.

When I grew up, I have often wondered that did mom really not know? With our orange tongues and orange lips? She knew. But she just let us have our very own "Summer Secret".

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